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The LSEZ Authority finishes anniversary year with stories of Liepaja “To the eels” made by Maris Rungulis
12 december, 2017
December 14, at 14:00 in the Liepaja Museum will be opened a record disc – Maris Rungulis, Stories of Liepaja “To the eels”, which has been created in cooperation of Liepaja Special Economic Zone Authority with the author – Maris Rungulis, godmother of the new pilot vessel “Ausma” – Karina Tatarinova, Liepaja big band manager – Janis Ivuskans, as well as actors of Liepaja Theathre and students of Liepaja Music, Art and Design High School.
As pointed out by Janis Lapins, General Manager of the Liepaja Special Economic Zone, “we have always looked for new challenges and ways of expression in daily life and also in cooperation with entrepreneurs and professionals of other industries. Idea about sound record with stories of writer and Liepaja origin Maris Rungulis was born already in spring, but now we have finally delivered the project to an actual result, which we can listen to. I think that stories of Maris Rungulis will be a discovery for a lot of people, as it was also to myself, for some it will be an opportunity to remeber Liepaja in the fifties and sixties of the last century, but for some it will be something new and interesting. Need to agree to the author about the fact that times are changing, but the boy's desire to explore and seek adventures does not change.”
In the sound record are included three stories made by Maris Rungulis – “Three round hours”, “To the eels” and “Green cod”. Stories have been spoked by Liepaja Theathre actors – Karina Tatarinova, Sandis Pecis and Kaspars Karklins. The director and producer of the sound record is Karina Tatarinova, which is also a godmother to the pilot vessel “Ausma”, invited to join in the record making Oskars Kadegis, who is a captain of the vessel. It was also a new experience to Janis Vilnitis, Chairman of the Board of the Liepaja Special Economic Zone and to Janis Lapins, General Manager of the Liepaja Special Economic Zone, who recorded dialogue between Elmars and Andris in the story “To the eels”.
In the disc is also enclosed song of the Ship-boy from the movie “Nauris” and musical interpretations of Janis Ivuskans, including original work “Storm” performed by students of Liepaja Music, Art and Design High School.
“Maris Rungulis, Stories of Liepaja “To the eels” will be as an interesting and vivid punction mark to finalize the 20th anniversary year of the Liepaja Special Economic Zone and 320th of the Port of Liepaja. This punction mark is not a dot, it is the opportunity to stop and evaluate the progress and achievements, so that, with the hard work and experience, we can continue to work in a new quality. You can not think about Liepaja without thinking about sound of gulls, sound of the sea, PORT, but most of all the people, who have Liepaja in their hearts and who work every day for the city, port and manufacturing companies to improve and develop,” points out Janis Lapins.
Mo. – Fr.: 08:00 – 16:30