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The Board of the Liepaja SEZ approves budget for year 2018
13 december, 2017
The Board of Liepaja Special Economic Zone (Liepaja SEZ) has approved the budget of Liepaja SEZ Authority for year 2018. The total budget of Liepaja SEZ Authority is planned to be 37 mln. EUR, including operating budget and investment budget. As pointed out by Janis Lapins, General Manager of the Liepaja SEZ, budget for the 2018 is aimed at development: “In 2018 we will spend with aim to earn in future and in parallel with the core business, we will implement 6 financially strong infrastructure development projects.”
In 2018, the biggest proportion of the Liepaja SEZ Authority budget will be in international investment projects – 24.4 mln. euro. In total, Liepaja SEZ Authority in 2018 will be implementing 6 projects:
implementation of the EU Cohesion Fund Project “Development of the Liepaja Port Surface Access Roads”, by building new railway access roads and by commencing reconstruction of the truck access road;
implementation of the EU Cohesion Fund Project “Renovation of theHydro Technical Constructions of the Karosta Canal and the Northern Gate”;
commencement of the EU Cohesion Fund Project “Improvement of the Liepaja Water Area Infrastructure”;
completion of the 1st stage of the Rural Support Service Project “Improvement of the Fishery Infrastructure in the Port of Liepaja”;
commencement and completion of the 2nd stage of the Rural Support Service Project “Improvement of the Fishery Infrastructure in the Port of Liepaja”
continuation of the INTERREG Project “Development of Advanced Marina Infrastructure and the Port Network in Latvia and Estonia”, whereof, the reconstruction of the Liepaja Marina will be implemented.
In 2018, planned earnings from the core activities will reach 12.4 mln. euro, which is by 9% more than will be reached this year. As explained by Reinis Strolis, Finance Director of Liepaja SEZ Authority, prognosis about earnings is based on prognosis about cargo turnover of companies in the Port of Liepaja, currently active real estate lease agreements and actual revenues from prior period.
If compared to year 2017, the biggest increase in turnover is planned for Liepaja Bulk terminal Ltd, which is connected with the development of the company and delay in the grain handling season in 2017. But the biggest decrease in the cargo turnover is planned for Ekers Stividors LP, which is connected with decreased transit amount of coal transit cargoes.
In the expenditure part of construction and reconstruction the main expenditure position is repair of the Liepaja lighthouse. It is planned to develop technical project of the lighthouse and to implement reconstruction works acccording to it. Janis Lapins, General Director of Liepaja SEZ points out historical meaning of the lighthouse and emphasizes that it is important to put it in order and in future also to decide about its usage as a sightseeing object.
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